Muslim Women Workout At Gyms In Lucknow, India

Muslim Women Workout At Gyms In Lucknow, India
Not compromising with their faith, Muslim women workout in gyms wearing veils in Lucknow, say reports.
The desire to remain fit and healthy is driving these Muslim women to workout at gyms.

"We come here in veil so that nobody objects our coming to the gym. Basically, we want to keep ourselves fit and healthy, that's our main motive. We want to move ahead like others in this modern age," said Shakila Anam, a woman.

Anwar Hasan, a fitness trainer expresses happiness on seeing health conscious Muslim women moving ahead in life.

"In Islam women do wear veils. It is nice to see women moving ahead in our religion," said Anwar Hasan, a health trainer.

A Muslim cleric, Mulana S. Hasan Raza Zaidi, also supports women going to gyms to keep themselves fit and healthy provided they go in 'burkha'.

"Nobody should have any objection to it. Islam doesn't oppose it, if women are going to gyms wearing a veil. Islam allows things that are done to keep oneself fit and healthy," said Zaidi,

According to Islamic faith, a veil and an abaya must be worn by a Muslim woman to cover her body.


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