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 Mumbaikars can Now Use Healthcare Web Application
Mumbaikars can now use an automated web application that can keep track of information on real-time availability of medicines at any given location within India. is free-of-cost for users, pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors, medical retail shops or pharmacies and individuals like medical practitioners. The company, though web-based, now plans to introduce the operational services within Mumbai and expand the throughout the country.

The automated healthcare web application, through a series of questions, provides every user with the personalised medical information, associated with them and their symptoms.

The service is the brainchild of Amit Mohan Mahimkar, the CEO and founder of Interactive System Technologies (Insystt), that has launched the application and Ashwini Mody, COO and co-founder of Insystt.

"Right from the day I had this idea, I have worked painstakingly and earnestly in order to conceptualise and develop Since the last three years, Ashwini and I believe in mutually generating solutions to facilitate people and envision to accomplish its goal," said Mahimkar.

Through, individuals can book appointments with doctors for any date and time from every location pan India, helping reduce the zero hour panic and hustle.

This feature is multilingual, profits every caste, creed and community of society, as well as the remote and rural sectors of India with no limitation to accessibility.

Through the application, medical professionals can validate and align daily schedules consequently and initiate online updates of diagnosis instead of maintaining medical history for ready reference from anywhere at any given point of time.

Pharmaceutical companies, with the help of this application, can track the availability of brands real-time and get facts and figures for an individual or multiple brand range as showcases the real-time availability of medicines and hence sees an increase in business profitability.

Source: IANS

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