by Kathy Jones on  December 22, 2011 at 7:36 PM Women Health News
 Mum Spent Last 3 Months of Pregnancy Lying Upside Down to Prevent Miscarriage
A 29-year old mother in Coventry, England, spent the final three months of her pregnancy lying upside down in order to prevent miscarriage.

Donna Kelly was told that she had a weak cervix and five months into her pregnancy she was warned by the doctors that there was a very high chance that she could lose the baby. Mrs Kelly had suffered from a number of miscarriages previously and was asked to spend all of her days until delivery on a hospital bed that was tilted so that her feet were high up in the air in order to relieve some pressure on her cervix.

Mrs Kelly revealed that the only time she left the bed was when she had to go to the toilet and added that she ate, slept and spent the rest of her time in the same position. The system seemed to have worked after she gave birth to a baby girl six weeks premature through an emergency caesarean operation back in August.

Mrs Kelly said that she did encounter a few problems at the start but added that she would have done the same thing if given another chance. "I'd even have to stay in the bed to eat by rolling on to my side, but I'd always have a dead arm by the end. It could be boring at times but I knew it wouldn't be as painful as losing my baby", she said.

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