by Savitha C Muppala on  June 15, 2010 at 10:47 AM Lifestyle News
 Motion Sensing Controllers for Xbox 360 Videogame Consoles Make Their Entry
Microsoft's motion-sensing controllers for Xbox 360 videogame consoles made their entry before an invitation-only audience in a Los Angeles theater.

Technology developed by Microsoft under the code name Project Natal was re-christened "Kinect."

No price details were disclosed at the presentation, which provided glimpses at how Kinect lets players control on-screen characters with natural gestures instead of hand-held controllers.

More information about Kinect and game software made for the device will be revealed at a press conference scheduled for Monday on the eve of the opening of a major Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) here.

Kinect uses a 3-D camera and gesture recognition software to let people play videogames using natural body movements instead of hand-held controllers.

Kinect lets people play driving games, for example, by simply moving their hands as if turning a car steering wheel.

On-screen figures in sports or dance titles mimic the body movements of people in the real-world.

Source: AFP

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