Mother of 18-year-old Thrown to Dogs Appeals for Justice

by Gopalan on Oct 29 2008 11:15 AM

The mother of the 18-year-old Pakistani girl thrown to dogs by her tribal elders is appealing for justice. She says she too is fleeing for life. It all resulted from greed and not any moral zeal.

Tasleem Solangi was first fed alive to hungry dogs. Her persecutors completed the job by pumping bullets into her as she was screaming in terror. And all that in full view of her father. The matter figured briefly in Pakistan’s senate too. The girl’s mother is now fearing for her own life.

The tragedy took place some time in the first week of March, but came to light when Tasleem’s mother succeeded in getting a news item published about her missing husband, Gulsher Solangi, on Oct 11. Gulsher’s captors then unlocked the room, providing him an opportunity to run away on Oct 16. He still remains underground.

Monday the unfortunate girl’s mother appealed to President Asif Ali Zardari and Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah to provide her and other members of the family protection as “killers are still at large and have not been arrested because of their connections with police.”

Tasleem’s mother told reporters at the Karachi Press Club that her husband was temporarily released from a year-long detention just to witness the gory end of their beloved daughter.

The mother, accompanied by her younger son, alleged that Tasleem was killed by brothers of her husband to grab their six acres of agricultural land and a small animal farm.

She said the killers first forced her husband to sign the papers, but Tasleem herself refused to fall in. They threatened her with dire consequences and eventually killed her, declaring a ‘kari.’ The mother said that four years ago she was also declared a kari and her elder daughter Kulsoom was victimised in a similar manner.

A person declared kari (one who violates religious injunctions) becomes liable for a range of horrid punishments at the hands of community leaders. Frequently this tribal tradition has been misused in relation to property disputes.

The hapless mother said she herself came to know of the brutal end of her daughter only through her husband and other relatives. She said the killers were roaming freely and had also threatened to eliminate her and other family members. “We are under constant fear for our lives.”

The mother appealed to the government to arrest the killers and return the property taken over by them.