by Rathi Manohar on  February 17, 2011 at 7:15 AM General Health News
 Mother Forgets Baby
In her hurry to pick up her three-year old son from kindergarten, a mother forgot she had left her six-month old baby sleeping in the house.

Sue had driven for twenty minutes to reach the kindergarten and when she reached she turned around to get her baby who, she thought, was sleeping in the back. That was when she realized that she had left the child sleeping at home.

Dashing into the school to collect her older son, she kept trying to reach her neighbours all the while, but no one picked up her calls. She decided to call 000, the emergency services for help and soon four firefighters and a police patrol car was at her home.

Finding the baby still sleeping, they waited till the mother got home. She was very embarrassed that she could forget her child and leave him behind, and she explained that had not slept for two days and had been very busy getting some work organized. She said that coupled with this preoccupation, her concern to reach the kindergarten in time made her forget her sleeping baby.

MFB spokesperson John Rees was sympathetic when he said that it was a genuine oversight and that the mother had done the right thing in calling the emergency services. "When you have kids and you're sleep-deprived you will not blame this person one little bit. The mother has done exactly the right thing. Don't take a chance. Make sure that if you do have a situation where your child for any reason is locked in a car or a house, triple-0 is the number to call because you can get trusted professionals there who will be out as fast as possible to look after your child."

Source: Medindia

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