Most Teenage Girls Admits of Eating Very Less Than What They Should

by Medindia Content Team on Oct 8 2007 8:24 PM

Teenage girls worried about their weight aren’t getting enough calories for their age, a new study has revealed.

The study conducted on 13 to 18-year-old found that over 30 pct of girls as young as 13 have been on a diet regimen and eat less that 1200 calories everyday, reports the Scotsman.

Fourteen pct of teenage boys admitted to have taken up dieting and 25 pct eat about 800 calories, the survey found.

The study also found that 60 per cent of the respondents had wrong estimates of the calories an adult woman and man should eat daily.

According to the Food Standards Agency's "eatwell" website, young men in the 15 to 18 age group require 2,755 calories a day while young women in the same age range must eat 2,110 calories per day.