Most Preferable Seat in Aeroplane Revealed

by Bidita Debnath on Jun 9 2014 8:25 PM

 Most Preferable Seat in Aeroplane Revealed
Customers in Europe prefer booking 7F as it is typically cheap row and closest to right-hand window, reveals a new survey by budget airline EasyJet.
According to the airline, nationality, age and travel companion all influence the cabin position of choice and window seats are generally the most desirable, with 59 percent preferring to gaze out in the sky, CNN news reported.

Peter Duffy, group commercial director for EasyJet, said that the window versus aisle debate is one of the most frequently overheard conversations while flying.

The airline also found that 19C is the most unpopular seat and Portuguese passengers apparently want the window the most, while Dutch and Germans are more interested in aisle seating.

EasyJet notably introduced selective seating for all passengers in 2012.