by VR Sreeraman on  November 6, 2007 at 6:37 PM Lifestyle News
Most Modern Day Couples Favors Marriage Rather Than Staying Single
A new study has challenged the notion that modern day couples do not believe in marriage, by finding that an overwhelming majority of adults want to tie the knot with their loved one. The study discovered that more than seven out of ten would like to be married - ten times greater than the ones who want to live unmarried with a partner.

The survey, carried out for the BBC, suggested that there was a clear majority in favour of marriage, when it comes to having kids. The poll found that those who would like to have children with a spouse exceeded those who want them with an unmarried partner by more than 15 to one.

The latest survey also discovered that the preferred lifestyle of 62 per cent of people would be "married with kids." Only 4 per cent of respondents wanted to be "unmarried with partner and kids" - the same percentage which wanted to be lone parents, the study found.

Overall, 71 per cent wished to be married while only 7 per cent aspired to co-habiting relationships. The findings come as a clear rejection of the idea that co-habitation is an equal alternative to marriage, a trend that has shot up by two-thirds.

The Centre for Policy Studies, a Centre-Right think tank, said the findings indicated deep support for marriage. "We are always being told marriage is going out of date. But this survey says people do not think co-habitation is an alternative form of family life," the Daily Mail quoted director Jill Kirby, as saying.

"It is important the Government supports people's aspirations to form a stable platform for family life," Kirby added.

Source: ANI

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