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 Most Bizarre Deaths Across the Globe Revealed
Two authors have complied the most bizarre ways that people across the globe have died.

David Southwell and Matt Adams's '1001 Ridiculous Ways To Die' include tales like the skydiver who forgot his parachute, the undertaker squashed by falling coffins and the man killed by his own radio-controlled plane, reports the Sun.

Here is a selection of funny fatalities from the book, according to the tabloid:

1. Willie Murphy died after an avalanche of peanuts buried him at a processing plant in Georgia, USA, in 1993.

2. Experienced skydiver Ivan McGuire decided to film his 3,000m jump above North Carolina - he lost his life because he remembered to take his camera but forgot his parachute.

3. Roger Wallace from Arizona died in head-on collision with his own radio-controlled plane. He lost sight of the 3kg machine in the sun and it crashed into his head at 40mph.

4. Chronic snorer Mark Gleeson from Hampshire tried to cure his problem by shoving two tampons up his nose. He suffocated as he slept.

5. Alex Mitchell, a 50-year-old from King's Lynn, laughed so hard at an episode of hit BBC comedy show 'The Goodies' in 1975 that he died of a heart failure.

6. Two car passengers died when an eagle soaring overhead accidentally dropped a cobra into their vehicle. It bit them straightaway, killing them both.

Source: ANI

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