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Moss Trying Kick Her Greatest Addiction - Doherty
Kate Moss' well-wishers are leaving no stone unturned to help her kick her greatest addiction - Pete Doherty.

Moss' mum, her mentor Sarah Doukes and PR advisers are helping the Brit supermodel in her campaign to sort herself out.

Friends think that the beleaguered singer is nothing less than an addiction for Moss

"It's not an exaggeration to say Kate's life is at stake here," the Daily Mail quoted a source close to the family, as saying.

"Pete's like a drug to her. It's as if she's addicted to him and even though she knows he's bad news, she can't help being drawn to him," the source added.

Another source said that the waifish beauty has come 'to her senses' after dumping the druggie rocker.

"Now she's finally kicked him out, she's come to her senses and realised her life is a mess. It's like she's woken up after a nightmare. So she's on a campaign to sort herself out and get healthy - and everyone is clubbing together to make sure it succeeds," a source said.

It seems that Moss has also begun to start taking care of her looks and has turned to several beauty treatments to get back her lost beauty.

"She's drinking two litres of water a day, having lots of facials and beauty treatments, cutting back massively on the booze and doing her best to get to bed early," a source said.

"That's unheard of for Kate. She always did whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted and still looked amazing. But something fundamental has changed," the source added.

Another friend of Moss also said that the 33-year-old has been going to the gym.

"You wouldn't recognise her - she's even been going to the gym, which you'd never have caught her doing before,' the friend said.

Source: ANI

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