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More Than Humour or Great Look It is the Kissing Skills That Work Wonders!
Most Brit's don't believe that a good sense of humour or great look is what's really needed to make a relationship work, but their partner's kissing skills.

A poll by online dating agency reveals that one in three Brits have dumped a lover because they were a miserable kisser.

Eight out of the ten people who answered the questionnaire given by the website said that being a bad kisser was likely to mean the end of a relationship.

This was followed by using the tongue too much, having too much saliva, and bad breath, reports The Sun.

Says relationship expert Kate Taylor: "Good looks or a great sense of humour will never compensate for a bad kiss."

The poll also conducted a survey of the best kissers, and six in 10 people agreed that Brits are the best kissers in the worlds.

They were followed by the French, who came in second.

Coming in third were the Italians, followed by the Spanish in the fourth place.

The top five was rounded off by the Americans.

The vote for the worst kissers in the world went to the Germans.

Source: ANI

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