by Tanya Thomas on  February 19, 2011 at 9:35 AM Sexual Health News
 More Than Half of All Brit Girls Don't Wait for Partners to Initiate Sex
It seems women have become more demanding when it come to sex.

In a new study, more than half of British girls claimed that they initiate sex as much as their partner.

Most of the women rate their sex lives as a sizzling eight out of ten, with one in ten claiming it's nine out of ten and 8.2 per cent enjoying a ten out of ten love life.

The annual survey of almost 3,500 women from Netmums revealed that just 6 per cent of girls rate their sex life as one out of ten.

Three quarters of women also claim they want more sex.

But almost half of men now regularly turn down getting intimate - with one in five couples making love less than once a month.

The average British couple romp only once a week, with only eight per cent enjoying a clinch two or three times a week - and just a tiny 1.4 per cent of lovers get steamy every day.

A third use sex as a "bargaining tool" to encourage their other halves to do chores around the house or buy them a gift.

But 61 per cent insist they make love simply because they enjoy it.

"It's a bit of an eye-opener that so many mums have been turned down for sex regularly by their partner," the Sun quoted Siobhan Freegard, co-founder of Netmums, as saying.

"Sometimes men bottle up their emotions and their saying no to sex may be less to do with not finding you attractive and more to do with their own worries," Freegard added.

Source: ANI

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