More `Shambos' Risk Slaughtering for Bovine TB in West Wales

by VR Sreeraman on Jul 28 2007 7:49 PM

A day after the slaughter of the Hindu temple bull `Shambo', another bull and a water buffalo at the same venue in Carmarthenshire are at risk of being slaughtered for the same reason -- Bovine TB.

It may be recalled that the slaughter of Shambo took place on Friday, bringing to an end a three-month long legal battle between Hindus and the Welsh Government.

The six-year-old Friesian, who was tested positive for Bovine TB in April this year, was moved from a Carmarthenshire multi-faith community on Thursday amid scenes of protests against the slaughter.

The slaughter came after an appeals court in London ruled that the bull was suffering from Bovine TB, which was a danger to other cattle.

Earlier, Hindu monks in West Wales Skanda Vale community had turned away government officials and vets who arrived to take Shambo. Police were called in to move more than 100 worshippers who formed a human shield around the animal.

The report said that Hindu leaders are now seeking a meeting with the UK Environment Minister.

Meanwhile, the Hindu Forum of Britain said it wanted reassurances about other temple animals.

Its Secretary General Ramesh Kallidai was quoted as saying he wanted "to check how agricultural law could cater to the needs of sacred animals in Hindu temples in Britain."

The Welsh Government had also advocated the killing of Shambo.

The monks have fought a campaign since a TB test returned positive in April, saying they had ensured that Shambo would not infect other animals by keeping him in a separate pen.

An online petition to save the bull had attracted 20,000 signatures.

Last week, a High Court judge gave the community hope when he ruled that two slaughter orders for Shambo "were unlawful and will be quashed".

But on Monday, the appeals court in London overturned the ruling.