More Info Demanded By US Lawmakers on Facebook's Plans to Let Kids Join Site

by Rukmani Krishna on Jul 21 2012 7:48 AM

 More Info Demanded By US Lawmakers on Facebook
Facebook was asked to provide proper information about its plan to allow children below the age of 13 years to create an account on the social networking site bu American lawmakers.
U.S. Representative for Massachusetts Ed Markey and Republican politician Joe Barton asked Facebook for more information about the data the social network could someday collect from kids and whether it would be used for ads or shared with third parties.

According to The Politico, Facebook has, however, avoided spelling out any of its plans.

The lawmakers released a letter on Friday from the company dated June 25 that simply repeats Facebook's previous statement that it has "made no final decision whether to change our current approach to prohibiting children under 13 from joining Facebook."

According to the report, both lawmakers have expressed anger over Facebook's response to the matter.

"Children are not commodities, and their personal information should not be harvested to yield ad revenue for Facebook and its hungry shareholders," Markey's office said in a statement.

Barton acknowledged Facebook had no way of answering members' questions as it hasn't finalized its plans, but he still said he has "the same concerns" about its potential use of children's data.