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Moms With Fussy Children Made to Cook Range of Dishes at Mealtimes
Mothers who have fussy children cook up to 2.4 different meals every dinnertime, a research says. The research, carried out by YouGov, for Oxo, said that picky children meant that more and more mums have to provide a range of dishes at mealtimes.

The study also found that it was not just children who were particular about what they eat, a quarter of adults said that they expected that their dietary requirements were taken into consideration when being catered for by friends.

10 per cent also said that they would bring their own dishes or eat beforehand while visiting a friend or relative. The research also claimed that only 36 per cent of families will sit down together for the same dish at the same table together.

"The advent of what we are calling the 'multi-dinner' is due to a number of factors including the increased occurrence of food allergies and intolerances and fussier personal choices," the Daily Mail quoted Sue Brennan of Oxo, as saying.

"The multi-dinner is very much a feature of British family life. We are all constantly encouraged to be more demanding - we are consumers and have actually become consumers at home, more and more mums are under pressure," Brennan said. "In the Seventies and Eighties, it was all about 'you'll get what you're given', and most family members consumed the same meal together.

"But there has been a big shift from a generation ago and we are making considerably-more meals now than from the last generation.

"This means more work for mums as they try harder to please everyone round their table. This can be stressful, especially at big family occasions like Christmas," Brennan added.

The research carried out for Oxo by market researcher YouGov showed that the average household serves 2.4 main meals in the same sitting.

Source: ANI

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