Mom Writes an Online Blog About Her Battle With Cancer Before Her Death

by Savitha C Muppala on May 8 2013 12:24 PM

 Mom Writes an Online Blog About Her Battle With Cancer Before Her Death
A 32 year old mother of two children has documented her battle with cancer in the form of an online blog so that her children can understand her struggle as well as remember her love for them even many years after her death.
Katie Scarbrough, of Lichfield died after battling bowel cancer for a year. All through her treatment with the disease, she maintained an online diary.

"I think about my kids having a future without their mum being around all the time. I want to see them as adults. I don’t think I will. That gives me a lump in my throat. Both of my children will be able to see what their mum went through and they will know how much I loved them," she had told a leading daily before her death.

Through her blog, she had hoped to step up attention on an aggressive disease and also press for funds to charities including Cancer Research UK and Bowel Cancer UK.

There has been an increase by 29 percent in bowel cancer rates among men and a 6% increase in women, according to a recent report.

The risk factors for the disease can be lowered by adopting a healthy diet, avoiding drinking and smoking and exercising regularly.


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