Mom Gives Birth to Baby Girl While Technically Dead

by Kathy Jones on May 25 2013 8:00 PM

 Mom Gives Birth to Baby Girl While Technically Dead
A high school teacher in Missouri City, Texas, gave birth to a baby girl while she was technically dead but was later revived and both the mother and the baby are doing well.
Erica Nigrelli was teaching a class in February when she fainted. Erica was 36 weeks into her pregnancy and her husband and fellow teacher, Nathan, desperately called emergency services and said that she was foaming from her mouth and was unresponsive.

Her colleagues tried to revive her through CPR and defibrillators and by the time she reached the hospital, the doctors were unable to find a pulse and decided to deliver the baby through C-section. However Erica’s heart soon started to beat again and though she was in induced coma for five days after the birth of her daughter, she soon recovered and is back with her family.

“The doctors told me that Erica delivered post-mortem because she did not have a heartbeat when they took the baby out. But I married a fighter, and now I had a baby girl who was a fighter, too”, Nathan said.