Modern Life Spells Deathblow for Kids’ Play

by Jayashree on Sep 10 2007 7:19 PM

Modern Life Spells Deathblow for Kids’ Play
A lobby of more than 270 experts fear that modern lives have eroded the ability of children to leave their homes unsupervised, and play outside which is detrimental to the long-term development of kids today.
Addictive computer games, test-driven schooling, increased traffic and an irrational fear of strangers imply that kids are growing up lacking independence, basic social skills and creativity concluded the experts.

The experts have now been prompted to shoot off a letter to Brit paper the Daily Telegraph a year after a similar letter attacked politicians and the public for failing to understand how children develop.

The letter has been signed by Baroness Greenfield, the renowned neuroscientist and director of the Royal Institutio, the authors Philip Pullman and Michael Morpurgo and Dr Penelope Leach, the childcare expert.

In the letter they state that the research evidence underlining the "marked deterioration in children's mental health" has continued to mount, insisting that a "key factor in this disturbing trend is the marked decline over the last 15 years in children's play", reports the Telegraph.


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