by Tanya Thomas on  February 27, 2009 at 10:26 AM Lifestyle News
Mobile Usage While Behind the Wheel More Common in the Gen Xers While Driving
A new survey has reported that drivers belonging to Generation X are more likely to talk on their mobile phones while driving than their Generation Y counterparts.

In a study of New South Wales (NSW) drivers, 52 per cent of Gen Xers admitted using their phones while driving, whether using a handset or hands-free technology.

That figure compared to 37 per cent of Gen Ys, while just 24 per cent of those over 40 were guilty of chatting on their mobiles while driving.

The survey found, conducted by NRMA Insurance, found that men were also bigger offenders than women (36 per cent compared to 29 per cent).

A spokesman for NRMA Insurance, John Hallal, said that the survey figures were a concern.

"Although many mobile phone users do tend to use hands-free technology while driving, the conversation always has the potential to distract the driver from what is happening on the road," quoted him, as saying.

"If you lose focus while behind the wheel, even if it is only for a split second, the consequences can be serious.

"We are encouraging all drivers to stop in a safe place to make a call or send a text and then continue the drive with your mind focused on negotiating the traffic," he added.

Hallal said that increasingly busy lifestyles might also be influencing behaviour, as people tried to fit more into their day.

"We are, therefore, reminding NSW drivers that a busy lifestyle should not compromise safe driving habits," Hallal said.

Source: ANI

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