by Reshma Anand on  May 4, 2016 at 6:46 PM Lifestyle News
Mobile Phone Addiction Hampers Parent-Child Relationship
Excessive use of mobile phones is causing unnecessary friction between children and parents due to heightened conflicts and controversies.

A recent survey conducted by Common Sense Media showed that both parents and children are very much addicted to technology which leads to tension, arguments and stress among them.

The survey was conducted among 1,240 parents and kids belonging to the same household. They found that,
  • 59% of parents feel that their children are addicted to mobile phones
  • 72% of kids and 48% of parents have increased urge to reply texts immediately
  • 69% of parents and 78% of kids check their phones every hour
  • 79% of parents feel that there children are getting distracted by technology and pay less attention to them
  • Device use heightens arguments among parents and kids and about one third of the surveyed agreed to this
  • 56% of parents admit using cellphones while driving
The time people tend to spend on devices eventually decreases the quality of time spent interacting with family members. Teens play games, watch movies and chat with friends continuously for hours on their smartphones which, in turn, irritates parents. Also, excessive phone usage can have an adverse impact on their academic performance.

Most parents admit themselves to be addicted on the phones, laptops and other devices. They complete their office work, relax themselves by watching videos and also chill out with their friends on social media websites frequently, reducing their attention and time on children.

As both parents and kids are getting addicted to devices, it naturally hampers their relationship. But taking these little steps will help spend quality time without any compromises from both sides.

Tips to Reduce Mobile Phone Addiction
  • Set a time for family activities daily and strictly avoid device use during this period
  • Play games with your family members instead of virtual icons
  • Advice children about the harms of mobile phone usage
  • Prevent multitasking activities and make them follow a homework routine to improve academic performance
  • Parents must set an example by limiting their usage and controlling browsing while driving and during meals

Source: Medindia

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