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 Mistress of Brit Wife Killer Reveals Her Experience With the Sex Crazy Strangler
The mistress of British wife killer Michael Roberts, has bared facts about her frightening experience with the sex crazy strangler, who had tried to throttle her during wild sex games.

Shaken Kerrie Hall said he slapped and bit her and became ever-more perverted to satisfy his sick lust.

"I cannot believe how close I was to such a monster," News of the World quoted Hall as saying.

Roberts of Runcorn has been sentenced for 17 years after he murdered his wife Vicky by tightening a bathrobe cord round her neck.

"When I found out how Mike had murdered Vicky I felt physically sick.

"He had put his hand round my throat during sex before and squeezed so hard he left me bruised. Even after I told him I hated what he'd done he tried to throttle me again - that time with two hands.

"He was obsessed with violent sex and would often go too far. I'm haunted by knowing what happened to Vicky could have happened to me," said Hall.all, too, faced extreme violent behaviour during sex with Roberts.

"Once I was in the kitchen when he came up behind me and started kissing my neck and pulling down my trousers.

"He turned me around and lifted me on the counter and I wrapped my legs around him. Then I froze as he put both hands around my throat and started to squeeze tight. For the first time I made him stop. I made it clear that it was a line I was never going to cross," she added.

Source: ANI

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