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 'Miscarriage Man' of Spain Vows to Become Pregnant Again
The world's first man to be pregnant with twins has vowed he will have children after suffering a miscarriage.

Spaniard Ruben Noe Coronado, 26, who was born a woman called Estefania Coronado Jimenez, is trying again for a baby with the help of an IVF clinic despite losing twin babies.

Ruben has been living as a man and having testosterone injections since the age of 18, reports The Sun.

His female reproductive system is intact and he interrupted hormone treatments and postponed plans to have a full sex-change operation in order to get pregnant because his 43-year-old girlfriend, Esperanza Ruiz, could no longer have children.

He fell pregnant with twins using his eggs and donor sperm after IVF treatment but suffered a miscarriage at 18 weeks in May.

Ruben, from Madrid, Spain, who stopped taking hormones before the insemination, said: "We were devastated at losing our twins. Esperanza was desperate to be a mum and I was looking forward to being a dad.

"I do plan to have a penis made eventually, but first we want to have a child.

"As I still have my womb and my ovaries it is fine for me to carry it.

"We will use my eggs and sperm which comes from an anonymous donor who we found on the internet.

"We decided to do this two years ago, before Thomas Beattie, the man from Oregon, became pregnant with his first baby."

Source: ANI

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