Miracle Baby Beats All Odds After Being Given Two Hours to Live

by Kathy Jones on Apr 3 2012 9:27 PM

 Miracle Baby Beats All Odds After Being Given Two Hours to Live
Doctors had given her just two hours to live after detecting very low count of hemoglobin but at six months old; Olivia Norton has beaten the odds and is being hailed as a “miracle baby” by nurses at a hospital.
Her mother Louise Bearman, 31, said that she felt something was wrong when her baby stopped kicking six weeks before the due date. She underwent an emergency caesarean operation at Broomfield Hospital, in Chelmsford, but Olivia was born with a ghostly white complexion and doctors found that her hemoglobin level was 3 compared to a normal 18.

The baby was diagnosed with a rare condition known as fetomaternal hemorrhage in which the baby’s blood runs back into her mother’s circulatory system. “It was amazing when they put the blood in Olivia and she slowly turned pink. The hospital staff were amazing. They called Olivia the “miracle baby” and said if I hadn’t come in for treatment she would not have survived. I want mums to realise how important a baby’s movement is in checking they are healthy. You have to trust your maternal instinct”, Ms Bearman said.