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 Mini Baby Survives in India, All of 495 Gms
Sayalee will surely find a place in the annals of Indian medical history as the country's smallest baby to survive and grow from a birth weight of 495 gms to 2.4 kg presently.

Sayalee's mother, Shaila Pawar, a woman in her mid -thirties, cannot stop thanking God and counting her blessings. She got lucky the 14th time, after having undergone 13 failed pregnancies - 3 abortions and 10 still borns.

Pregnancy induced hypertension, or PIH where blood pressure increases to abnormal levels was the reason behind so many failed pregnancies.

Little Sayalee was born on October 2nd , 2010, prematurely at 27 weeks of pregnancy, instead of the normal 40 weeks.  

Shaila was under the care of Dr.Sandeep and Dr. Smita Dole, at Narayangaon hospital. During her sixth month of pregnancy, when her BP began rising abnormally, Dr. Dole referred her as an emergency case at  ONP Tulip Hospital.  

According to Dr Neena Sathe, senior obstetrician, ONP Tulip, Shaila was prescribed  

anti-hypertensives to manage her BP and was advised regular monitoring with Dr Dole, due to the distance of travelling to the hospital.  

In the seventh month of pregnancy, when Shaila experienced a sudden increase in her BP  Dr Dole did not waste any time and transferred her to ONP Hospital, where she had an emergency caesarian section. The delivery was led by well-known neonatologist at ONP Tulip, Dr Tushar B Parikh.

The baby was immediately transferred to the neonatal ICU as she needed artificial breathing support.

"A challenging case in India", Dr. Parikh said and went on to add, "There is no reported survival of a baby of this weight in India. The last reported survival was a baby weighing 540grams.The baby stayed in the NICU for almost 90 days and when she was discharged, her weight was close to 1400 grams."

Source: Medindia

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