by Savitha C Muppala on  September 7, 2012 at 7:40 AM Women Health News
 Midwife 'ripped' Placenta After Birth Leading to Death of Mother
An investigation into the death of a new mother has revealed that she bled to death after her placenta was 'ripped out' by her midwife.

Claire Teague, 29, has sought the services of a private midwife Rosie Kacary as she was apprehensive of giving birth, especially after the experience of her first pregnancy where she had twins by emergency caesarean section and only one had survived.

Her third child, a boy, was born safely but once Ms Kacary was gone she began bleeding heavily.

She had to be rushed to the hospital and doctors found that nearly a third of her placenta had not been removed, which caused a massive haemorrhage.

Surgeon's efforts at stopping the bleeding were all in vain and the lady died at Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading.

Consultant gynaecologist Dr Helen Allott said: 'Had the placenta been examined in good light in a conventional manner, it would have been apparent that a large piece was missing. I have looked at thousands of placentas and, this placenta, I must say, I was quite shocked.'

Ms Kacary has categorically condemned this complaint and has denied tugging on the placenta. She said: 'I could never and would never inflict that violence on anyone. I certainly don't remember that. If I had pulled that hard I would have damaged the cord and I think it would have ruptured Claire's uterus. It would be completely alien for me to behave in that way.'

Source: Medindia

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