Middle Aged Women Are the Most Irresponsible Drinkers in UK

by VR Sreeraman on Nov 18 2008 3:49 PM

A new study has revealed that women in there 30s and 40s are becoming the most irresponsible drinkers in Britain.

The study, conducted by researchers at Cardiff University, has shown that as men begin to consume less alcohol, their female counterparts are ignoring health warnings and increasing their intake.

"We found older women were more intoxicated and the further they got into their 30s and 40s, the higher the alcohol content in their blood," the Telegraph quoted Dr Simon Moore, of the university's violence and society research group, as saying.

"Men in their 20s often drank very heavily, but after 29 they tend to have more responsibilities and often quieten down and consume less," he added.

In the survey of 1,200 late-night drinkers, half of the women tested had exceeded the daily-recommended limit of six units of alcohol - equivalent to two large glasses of wine.

On contrary, only a third of men had drunk more than the recommended daily limit of eight units.