by Kathy Jones on  April 18, 2011 at 8:15 PM Lifestyle News
 Middle-Aged People are the Unhappiest
An international study conducted in Britain, Switzerland and Germany has revealed that the happiness level of people drops to its lowest during middle age years before picking up again as they enter their 50s.

Led by Maastricht University's Bert van Landeghem, the study found that the happiness level of a person dips as he enters middle age since he gets weighed down by demands in life.

However it once again picks up as people get older, though they tend to become satisfied with their lives rather than recapture the spirit of their youth.

"Both the 25 year-old and 65 year-old might agree that it is nicer to be 25 than to be 65. But the 65 year-old might nevertheless be more satisfied, as he has learned to be satisfied with what he has", van Landeghem said, before adding that the happiness level can be represented by a U shaped curve. The study was presented at the annual conference of the Royal Economic Society.

Source: Medindia

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