by Kathy Jones on  February 13, 2011 at 6:09 PM Lifestyle News
 Michelle Obama's Facebook Ban on Daughters Backed by Parents
US First Lady Michelle Obama's stance that she doesn't allow daughters Sasha and Malia to have Facebook profiles has been hailed by many parents.

Parents of city school kids cited bullying, peer pressure and paedophiles on Wednesday as reasons to block their children from joining the estimated 500 million users worldwide.

"Michelle Obama has a really good point. Facebook is for adults. I don't allow my kids to use it," the New York Daily News quoted Robert Alvarado, 30, the Brooklyn parent of 12- and 7-year-old boys, as saying.

David Rodriguez, 38, the father of a 10-year-old boy, echoed Alvarado's worries.

"Safety is my biggest concern. There are a lot of inappropriate things being sent around. You hear about things like the craigslist killings, and it makes you even more hesitant, said the Chelsea resident.

Sabri Cruz said her daughter Lisa could get a Facebook page once she turns 18.

"There's no reason for a 10-year-old kid to have one," said Cruz, also of Chelsea.

First Daughter Malia is 12, while kid sister Sasha is 9 - two years older than Jasmine Castro's second-grader, who is not permitted on Facebook either.

"Kids don't know who they're really talking to. Kids get on and accept anybody. They just want as many friends as possible. It's an unhealthy contest," she said.

Source: ANI

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