A New Smartphone Powered Mole-Tracking Device 'MoleScope' to Diagnose Skin Cancer

by Vishnuprasad on Jun 11 2015 10:04 PM

A New Smartphone Powered Mole-Tracking Device
MetaOptima’s vision is to bring digital healthcare and mobile technologies together, providing patients with easier access to medical information.
The digital health technology company in Canada is also focused on empowering high-risk patients with mobile health technologies, and providing tools for regular skin screening and the early detection of skin cancer.

MetaOptima introduced a smartphone powered mole tracking device known as MoleScope at the World Congress of Dermatology this week. The world congress started on June 8 at Vancouver will be concluded on June 13.

The device is a small attachment that clips over an iPhone’s built-in forward facing camera, which acts to illuminate and magnify suspected moles.

The MoleScope comes with its own app that is used to capture the images and to pass them to your dermatologist for professional review. The app can be set to remind the patient to take snapshots at particular intervals, allowing for close monitoring of suspected moles that may turn out to be melanoma tumors.

The dermatologist has access to a web based interface or an independent iOS app. Using these, a network of professionals can be setup to share photos and refer patients in an easy and intuitive fashion.


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