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Men With Deep Voices More Successful in Their Career

by Savitha C Muppala on May 15, 2013 at 11:55 AM
 Men With Deep Voices More Successful in Their Career

A recent research seems to suggest that getting ahead in their career for men lay not so much in their work, but their vocal chords and how deep their voice is.

Scientists from Duke University in North Carolina found that men with lower voices end up earning much more, manage larger organizations and stay in their jobs much longer. Deep voices portray masculinity and also enhances their sex appeal with women.


In a study of 792 male chief executives of American companies, there was a direct association between wages and the pitch of voices. The study found that men with deeper voices had a clear edge over their high-pitched peers, and certainly earned more.

'The thought was that this might transfer to leadership positions, but no one had ever investigated it in the real world...this led to the genesis of our project. These findings suggest that the effects of a deep voice are salient even for the upper echelons of management in Corporate America,' researchers said.

'It wasn't clear to us going in that voice pitch would convey any meaningful information about a CEO given the extent to which boards of directors screen CEOs as part of the hiring and compensation decisions.'

'While a deep voice appears to correlate with various measures of labor market success, we still have little understanding of the precise mechanism by which a deep voice adds value. Our results advance a relatively new area of research known as biological economics by documenting that a trait known to indicate success in biological competition is also associated with success in the competition for top corporate employment.'

Source: Medindia
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