Men Visit Brothels to Fulfill Fantasies

by Rajashri on Sep 5 2008 1:45 PM

The reason behind why men visit brothels has been clarified by a prostitute at The Golden Apple brothel in Sydney's Kings Cross.

Kylie (name changed) says that men have many fetishes and fantasies, which they cannot ask from their girlfriends or wives, and thus end up in a brothel.

According to her, working in a brothel requires a woman to be sex worker, psychologist, nurse, police officer, stress relief therapist, actress - and sometimes even a jockey.

"We get a lot of guys who have a little quirk or fantasy that they can't act out with their wives or girlfriends so they come to us," quoted her, as saying.

According to her, the clients range from those who really just need their egos stroked to high-ranking businessmen who just want to be put in their place.

She also revealed that a lot of men are insecure about the size of their penis. I tell the guys that they are average but then they say "What about him?" and point to the porn that's playing (endlessly on television screens in the rooms)," she said.

She added: "So I say to them 'How many women do you see that look like the women in these films?" and they get the point."

However, in her opinion, the most common fetish in men is for feet and the most common male fantasy is sex with multiple female partners.

"The biggest fantasy is still lesbians. Men want as many girls in the room as they can afford," said Kylie.

And with the prices starting at 180 dollars for 30 minutes, women are happily obliging as long as their clients are willing to pay.

And her tips for men who are looking for better sex from their wives, girlfriends or partners - the more you turn down the lights the more confident she'll become and "don't tweak a girl's nipples like they are radio controls".

She also said that while some of the men have more unusual requests most are there for "stress relief".

"Sydney can be a really stressed-out place and we mostly cater to guys that only need to be seeking a naked woman to do it for them," she said.