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Men Relate Bigger Boobs To Sexiness

by Tanya Thomas on Oct 10 2008 8:43 PM

If you think men who place too much importance on a woman's figure are shallow, think again! Now, a science journalist puts the "attraction" mystery all down to fertility. Apparently, men are wired to find bigger breasts sexy!

In her fascinating new book, 'Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes?" American science journalist Jena Pincott has given a detailed account as to why women's breasts are so sexy and get so big, and how they play a role in attracting the opposite sex.

The Freudian concept theorizes men's Oedipus complex, by claiming that they're always looking for a mother figure.

Fuller breasts could be considered to be a sign of increased fertility, and that's why many men think bigger busts are better.

The fat that accumulates in your chest (as well as your bottom, thighs and hips) is due to the influence of the hormone oestrogen, which also affects your ability to conceive.

A study by Harvard epidemiologist Grazyna Jasienska found that full-figured women are roughly three times as likely to get pregnant as women with other body types.

The book claims that breasts are an advertisement of age, health and good genes, which makes the anthropologists think that they play a vital role in sexual selection even in cultures that don't eroticise the chest any more than the face.


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