Men Named Colin Most Likely to Suffer from High BP, Heart Attack

by VR Sreeraman on Jun 16 2010 5:48 PM

 Men Named Colin Most Likely to Suffer from High BP, Heart Attack
Men who have the name Colin are most likely to suffer from high blood pressure and heart attack, says a new report.
Meanwhile, men named Daniel were found to be least likely to suffer from the condition.

Experts, after comparing trends in Christian names in the past 80 years, came to the conclusion that names linked to certain parts of the UK or to the working classes were more likely to develop health problems.

Daniel is considered a middle class name whereas Colin is more popular in Scotland where heart problems are more common.

People with names like Keith and Maureen are more prone to heart problems than people called Sophie or Chloe - because they are also likely to be significantly older.

According to the survey, commissioned by Lloyd's Pharmacy, men called Colin, Brian and Alan have a 47 per cent chance of having high blood pressure, reports The Telegraph.

Men named Simons, Marks and Kevins had only a 16 per cent of heart problems and those named Daniel Liam or Thomas had the lowest incidence at 6 per cent.

"It's a very crude measure of health and we're not suggesting that risk is limited to those with particular names. All adults should know what their blood pressure is, but the risk increases as we get older," Chris Frost, heart expert at Lloyds Pharmacy, told the Daily Mail.


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