Men More Happy With Their Lives Than Women

by Kathy Jones on Apr 6 2013 8:23 PM

 Men More Happy With Their Lives Than Women
A new study commissioned by Benenden Health suggests that men are happier with more areas of their lives compared to women.
The researchers looked into how happy men and women were with 12 different aspects of their lives, including family life, love life, salary and body shape. The researchers found that men were happier in seven different aspects of their lives, compared to women who were happy in just five.

Men were happier with financial aspects of their lives, such as their salary, career prospects and overall finances, while women said that their happiness depended on their love life, sex life and family life. Despite family life in Britain experiencing the pinch of recession, the researchers found that majority of the respondents (64 percent) were happy with their lives.

“Given the pessimistic economic outlook, the financial restraints everyone is under and the grim weather, it's good to discover deep down, there seems to be a positive and forward-looking attitude across Britain. Certainly, a positive attitude goes a long way towards creating a feeling of well-being which in turn can only be good for our long term health”, Benenden Health’s Paul Keenan said.