Men Join the Crash Dieting-Pill Bandwagon, Right Behind the Ladies

by Tanya Thomas on Aug 15 2009 5:43 PM

Crash dieting isn't an all-female thing, as many believe. A recent UK poll has identified that even men have jumped into the weight-loss bandwagon.

Almost half of British men are desperate to slim and have turned to crash and fad dieting and slimming pills in the bid for a perfect body, says the poll, reports The Daily Express.

The study found that one in three worry about their calorie count at a night in the pub.

They are more worried about emulating the toned bodies they see on magazine covers than with being healthy, the survey of 2,000 men by insurers Aviva revealed.

Only 13 per cent of were worried by rising heart rates and cholesterol, the study revealed.