Men Happier With Many Aspects of Life Than Women

by Raja Nandhini on Apr 9 2013 4:24 AM

 Men Happier With Many Aspects of Life Than Women
A recent study has revealed that men are happier than women in general in this modern age.
The study, commissioned by Benenden Health, surveyed 2000 people about 12 aspects of modern life. It was found that men were their salary, career prospects, body shape, appearance, finances, job security, and how they were perceived by other people, while women were content with their love, family and sex life, general health and their living location.

On an average, the adults rated their happiness level at 64%. Sunny weather, an increased income, an improved diet, more affection from a partner and seeing less negative news items were reported to be major factors contributing to happiness. People above 55 years old were more optimistic, while younger generation thinks their perspective on life is becoming negative.

The research also found that married couples were more likely to be happier than single men and women.

Paul Keenan of Benenden Health said, “Given the pessimistic economic outlook, the financial restraints everyone is under and the grim weather, it’s good to discover, deep down, there seems to be a positive and forward-looking attitude across Britain."