by Kathy Jones on  October 8, 2012 at 7:11 PM Cancer News
 Melanoma may be Treated by a Simple Cream in Future
Researchers at Melbourne's RMIT University have revealed that they have managed to create a new chemical that acts as a known virus and destroys melanoma cells, leading to hopes that a simple cream solution to treat melanoma can be developed in the future.

The researchers revealed that the initial research showed that while the chemical destroys the melanoma cells, it does not affect normal skin cells.

Lead researcher Dr Taghrid Istivan said that there are a number of benefits in developing synthetic cream to kill of the melanoma cells instead of using the virus itself as there may be concerns that it could mutate and start killing normal cells.

"We found it is active against cancer cells, against melanoma, but it doesn't harm the normal cells. It could be made into a cream and can be used to treat cancer", Dr Istivan said, adding that such a cream could take years or even decades to be developed

Source: Medindia

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