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 Mel B's Fitness Secret- Sex Five Times A Day!
Former Spice girl Melaine Brown insists that sex is a huge part of her fitness regime.

"Yes, sex is a huge part of my fitness. I'm a nymphomaniac, It's all-over body-conditioning after all," the News of the World quoted her as saying.

Brown has revealed that always looks forward to making love with her busy husband and film producer Stephen Belafonte.

She said: "I couldn't bear being away from him for longer than a week, he's been with me for the last five months in Vegas and I went with him when he had a filming project in New Orleans. Before we got married, we both agreed that long-distance relationships just don't work - plus I'd miss sex too much."

She added: "We really can't keep our hands off each other. Most days we have sex five times."

The singer does not feel lack of time is an issue.

"We find it. We're not having sex for two hours each time, but when I see him, I just want to grab him. I'm a nymphomaniac and he's got a really high sex drive so it works well."

The hottie also disclosed that she finds a way to have fun when her hubby is not around, she said: "Oh, that's easy, I've always got my Pocket Rocket."

Source: ANI

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