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Meet the Culinary Expert Who can Cook 65,000 Recipes!
A housewife in Bhopal is an ace culinary expert with knowledge of recipe for nearly 65,000 dishes. She is all set to have her unique talent enlisted in the Guinness Book of World Records.

According to Krishnaveni Mudliar, she was drawn to cooking at a tender age which in due course became a sort of hobby for her, as she continued trying her hands experimenting with a variety of recipes.

She says: "Whenever something strikes my mind I try to make it. I can cook food prepared in any of the States in India besides knowing Italian, Chinese, Burmese dishes since I have stayed in Burma."

She claims to be known in Australia, Europe and Africa for her recipes.

Krishnaveni says: "The recipes which I make are rich in taste and are a mixture of Chinese, Kashmiri and many more. I try to make everything low in calories."

Her family takes pride that it has such a master of recipes, as Krishnaveni keep adding to everyone's joy with a wide variety of delicacies cooked with motherly affection.

"At home, I always get so much delicious items to eat. It makes me feel great when my mother receives awards for her cooking talent," said Omprakash Mudliar, Krishnaveni's son.

"I want my mother-in-law should be known all over the world for her recipes. Her talent should be utilised to generate employment opportunities," said Kartikhasi Mudliar, Krishnaveni's daughter-in-law.

Krishnaveni Mudliar's name is already registered with the Limca Book of Records since 2006. Today, she looks forward to world record books.

The present world record for being able to cook maximum recipes lies with a British woman for 3,000 recipes, a number far below the 65,000 recipes known to Krishnaveni Mudliar of Bhopal.

Source: ANI

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