by Kathy Jones on  September 29, 2013 at 8:48 PM Lifestyle News
 Brazilian Family Has Seven Tigers as Members
Media reports indicate that a Brazilian family has given shelter to seven tigers in their own house.

Ary Borges had rescued two of the tigers from a circus eight years ago and has since multiplied the endangered species in his home in Brazil, the Daily Express reported.

The 43-year old animal lover, who was worried about the plight of endangered tigers, has made a garden sanctuary for the striped man-eaters, who also enjoy a swim with the family in their backyard pool.

Borges admitted that he was initially worried about his daughters co-existing with the animals, and added that one has to show respect and love in order to get it back to them.

He revealed that his daughters feed meat directly into the mouths of the fully-grown cats, who also lounge around the house in the evenings.

Borges hopes to build a park so his beloved pets can roam free and he can educate others of the plight of endangered tigers.

Source: ANI

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