by Julia Samuel on  April 23, 2015 at 5:43 PM Lifestyle News
Medicine Ball, the Age-old Gym Equipment, is The Ultimate Body-Toning Tool
Medicine balls are heavy weighted balls used for toning almost any part of the body. The history of medicine balls runs down 3000 years ago when Persian wrestlers used them to become stronger. In Ancient Greece, Hippocrates considered them as an essential tool for helping injured people regain mobility and to maintain overall health and well being.

Professor Roberts coined the term "medicine ball" in 1889 with reference to the fact that using the ball "invigorates the body, promotes digestion, restores and preserves one's health."

The word 'medicine' and 'health' go hand in hand. For example, it is noted that Renaissance physician Hieronymus Mercurialis advised that people of all fitness levels should use medicine balls as part of 'medicinal gymnastics'. Also, he suggested that exercises could be used to heal and prevent injuries through general fitness.

Keeping up with the trend, the medicine ball is used to build up resistance and lift things, which are heavy in weight like grocery bags, buckets, furniture. Regimens with medicine ball focus in concentrating on many core muscles and balances out the body energy.

Source: Medindia

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