Medical Students’ Blood Drive a Resounding Success

by VR Sreeraman on Sep 3 2007 3:27 PM

Medical Students’ Blood Drive a Resounding Success
The Australian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA) has completed its 2007 National Blood Drive, run in conjunction with the Australian Red Cross Blood Service.
Australia’s 17 medical schools have been competing throughout the month of August to win the coveted Vampire Cup, awarded to the University with the highest number of medical students donating.

AMSA National President Mr. Rob Mitchell said, “as AMSA’s largest and most successful public health initiative, the National Blood Drive is always a highlight on our calendar. This year has seen an unprecedented level of enthusiasm from medical students, their families and friends.

“As Australia’s health professionals of the future, these students are in a unique position to understand just how important blood donation is.”

With one in every three Australians requiring blood products during their lifetime, the AMSA National Blood Drive aims to increase the number of donations throughout the month of August, and also raise awareness of this important cause within the community.

Mr. Mitchell said, “we have been heartened to hear that many students who donated in August have also encouraged their friends, colleagues and family to do the same. This is what the AMSA National Blood Drive is all about: raising awareness for this fantastic cause.”

“It is wonderful to see the enthusiasm our members have for this program. Creative promotion and hard work have translated into what may be the most successful AMSA National Blood Drive in history.”

The winning University will be announced at AMSA’s next National Council meeting in October. Last year’s winner was Australian National University.


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