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 Medical Emergency Hotline in China Under Fire
Chinese netizens have criticized their country's emergency medical system after learning about the emergency call made by Michael Jackson's doctor after finding him unconscious.

Netizens praised the American 911 dispatcher who handled the Jackson emergency call and criticized differences between the Chinese and American emergency services on popular Internet portals.

"China's emergency medical service is not as careful as its American counterpart. The Chinese emergency medical sector should learn from the American emergency medical experience to better serve its citizens," China Daily quoted Zhang Han, a Beijing blogger, as writing on

In a transcript released of the 911 call, the cool-headed operator asks Jackson's age, address and condition and then instructs the caller to put the singer on the floor and pump his chest.

"From their conversation, I can see American medical staffs' devoted attitude to the job and their expertise," a netizen said on

Zhang Weihong, from central Shanxi province, said that she was dissatisfied with the emergency 120 service after calling an ambulance for her husband when he collapsed suddenly a few weeks ago.

"The ambulance came 10 minutes later but only a driver and a doctor were on board. I was forced to ask neighbours to help carry the stretcher to the ambulance," she said.

Li Jianren, a doctor with Beijing Emergency Medical Center (BEMC), said that China should adopt the US system, in which non-professional emergency staff are on hand to assist the patient.

"North American countries have an emergency medical personnel accreditation system, which we don't have," Li said.

Source: ANI

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