Meaning of 'Honor' Being Disgraced by Honor Killings

by Kathy Jones on Jun 27 2010 12:55 PM

 Meaning of `Honor` Being Disgraced by Honor Killings
The latest victim of the so-called honor killings are a woman and her lover, who were shot dead in Shahi Abad in Pakistan yesterday.
Shabana, 28, and Noor Khan Muhammad from Bajaur Agency were living together from the past one month and planed to settle down soon.

"Unidentified culprits barged into the couple's house in the morning and shot Shabana dead; while leaving, they saw Muhammad at a milk shop and killed him as well," The Dawn quoted Peerabad SHO Rahim Khan, as saying.

'Honour Killing' is gradually becoming a major concern with its cases rising each day in countries like India and Pakistan, where the word 'Honour' seems to be loosing its actual meaning.

In India too, the plethora of cases registered in the recent past have worried many NGOs across the country who refer it as "Talibanisation" of society.

The National Commission for Women has recently made a plea for shunning the term "honour" and coining another suitable term highlighting the heinousness of the crime.

New Delhi has reported two honour killing cases within a last week.

A 19-year-old girl and her boyfriend were tortured to death by the girl's uncle and father in north Delhi's Swaroop Nagar area June 14.

In another case, a couple, married for four years, against the wishes of the girl's parents were found murdered in north Delhi's Ashok Vihar amid speculation that it might be an 'honour killing'.

The Indian government is contemplating to promulgate an ordinance to make changes in the Indian Penal Code so that the matter can be brought under control.