by Kathy Jones on  July 31, 2012 at 6:40 PM General Health News
 Market Predictions Not Good for Facebook Phone
Even as Facebook is looking to come out with its own mobile phone, a new study has found that at least half of the people across the world are not willing to buy such a phone if it comes on the market.

The survey conducted by Greenlight, a UK-based digital marketing agency, revealed that 50 per cent of those questioned said they would 'never' switch to a Facebook phone.

The survey, which covered five hundred people around the world, also showed that if mobile users had to be persuaded to do so, improved functionality would be the top reason for switching, followed by price and then design, the Telegraph reports.

According to several reports, Facebook is working with manufacturer HTC to produce its own mobile phone.

Facebook, which urgently needs to find a way to make money from its growing number of mobile phone visitors, has already hired former Apple employees who are believed to be working on the new project.

Source: ANI

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