Many Cancer Patients Do Not Get Discounted Parking

by Rajashri on Sep 7 2009 8:50 PM

A poll by charity Macmillan Cancer Support has found that many cancer patients do not get free or discounted parking at hospitals.

"When they are in hospital to get life-saving treatment, vulnerable cancer patients are being hit with this extra and unavoidable cost at a time when they should be focusing on their health," said Mike Hobday, head of policy at Macmillan. "Frustratingly, even when hospitals have got concessions in place, they are not telling patients about them."

The survey of 327 people found that 59% were not getting concessional parking at hospitals. The Department of Health has made it compulsory that NHS trusts give discounts on parking fees for patients who require multiple visits.

Parking fees are being phased out at many hospitals in the UK, but are still mandatory in England.