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Mancations: a New Way of Vacationing for Men
What do you call a vacation wherein a man sets out by himself, sans his female companion? Well, here's the new buzz word - 'mancation.'

The term was coined by actor Vince Vaughn in the film, 'The Breakup,' wherein the protagonist has split from his partner, and wants to get away, without his female friend.

Since then, the idea's taken off to such an extent that some men have only ever been on holidays without the company of the fairer sex.

"The only vacation I have been on has been a mancation," The Age quoted Sydneysider Daniel Dragicevich, as saying.

Daniel embarked on an extended European 'mancation' last year with pal Ross Brown. And to add to the mix, the pair was joined by their mate Michael Buggy, who, after meeting up with his girlfriend in Canada, met them in Amsterdam.

Michael said that his mancation was inspired by the value that he places on mateship.

"I wanted to reinforce it by meeting up with them. Guys don't usually go out of their way to express their feelings about mates, not like girls do. When you go to the trouble of meeting up on the other side of the world I guess it shows something," he said.

Glossy male-oriented magazine Men's Health has reported that male-to-male bonding has a lot of benefits.

"We're strong advocates of the benefits of spending time with your mates. It is the male way of expression emotions, however limited they may be," Ian Cockerill, deputy editor of the magazine, said.

"For the female traveller there are organised, escorted tours. Shopping, cooking, adventuring, there is something for everyone. Men, on the other hand, in particular Australian men are more likely to do it spontaneously than sign up for organised travel," he added.

An to give men a strong flavour of what 'mancation' is all about, American Mike Sprifke has founded the website

"We offer a website for guys to search for mancations and also to post information related to mancations. The aim of the site is to be the best location on the net to find packages being offered, locations to visit ... related to mancations," Sprifke said.

For Sprifke the intention of the mancation is not so much to get away from female company but to fulfill masculine needs.

"Mancations tend to be centered around activities that are testosterone driven. (It's about) doing things that wives and girlfriends would not find appealing," he said.

Source: ANI

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