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 Man Tried to Beat Constipation by Stuffing Hammers Up His Butt!
A drunken Romanian man, who was suffering from constipation, decided to solve the problem by stuffing two hammers up his own butt.

Viorel Firoiu, 48, then turned up at his local hospital complaining of excruciating stomach pain.

When worried doctors, in Orlea, southern Romania, carried out scans, they were knocked sideways to find he had not one but two hammerheads stuck in his rear end.

"He was a bit drunk and said he had been eating cherries that had left him badly constipated," the Sun quoted hospital spokeswoman Dr Cristina Bontescu as saying.

"He said he had a few drinks to dull the pain and then came up with the idea of poking a hammerhead up his backside in the hope of sorting out the constipation.

"But the hammerhead got stuck and then he came up with the idea of using a second hammerhead in order to try and get out the first - but then he lost the second one as well," she added.

Surgeons had to perform surgery to remove the objects.

Source: ANI

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