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Man Postpones Hospital Visit After Crocodile Attack in Drunken Slumber
An Australian man, who was attacked by a crocodile while swimming in an Australian river, was so drunk that he dozed off at his campsite before going to hospital for treatment.

Matt Martin was camping in an area of the northeastern state of Queensland, famous for its large crocodile population, when he drank what he later described as "half a slab" -- or 12 cans of beer.

Martin's dive into the river at Cow Bay in the topical far north of the state landed him straight into a crocodile's mouth.

After a brief struggle with the reptile, he emerged with cuts on his face requiring 40 stitches, reports The Australian.

Confessing the "pretty messed up'' state of his face when he went back to his campsite, Martin, from Newcastle north of Sydney, slept for seven hours instead of seeking medical help.

Upon making it to hospital, his wounds turned out to be so bad, that he was holding a blanket to his face to stop the bleeding.

Source: ANI

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